Tuesday, August 02, 2011

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YouTube Creator Playbook | YouTube
YouTube has produced a guide for YouTube publishers:
We're excited to provide Partners and creators with a new resource that compiles important tips, best practices, and strategies that helps creators build audiences on YouTube. We hope you find the information helpful to your creative process and that we can help you take your channel to the next level.

Charging a Premium for Movies, at a Cost | Michael Cieply | New York Times
While studios have raised prices - thanks to 3D movies - attendance has continued to fall: will be the 17th consecutive annual increase in a business whose prices have outpaced the effect of general inflation by more than half since 1999. Theater attendance has fallen by about 10 percent in that period, or even more when measured as a share of the growing population.

Apple TV now streams purchased TV shows, Vimeo videos | Jonathan Seff
| MacWorld
A software update for the second generation Apple TV adds streaming of previously purchased TV shows from the iTunes store, and more.

PluralEyes for Premiere Pro 2.0 | Signular Software
PluralEyes 2.0 for Premiere Pro is now available, and is supposed to be twice as fast as the original.

Fostex to Launch AR-4i
| Fostex
Announced back in April, but this should be available shortly, the AR-4i is an audio interface for the iPhone4 dock connector. The high quality stereo microphone inputs with AD converter improve the audio quality of iPhone4's video recording, video streaming via Ustream, LiveStream etc. as well as recording of live performance and ENG.

The Fstoppers 2011 Behind the Scenes Contest | FStoppers
A contest to make a video about shooting video (or stills!):
This is a contest open to any photographer/videographer around the world who wants to share how creative they are behind a camera. You must be willing to share your creative side and explain exactly how you tackled your project. In order for your BTS video to be well received by our audience, you must include the photo/video gear you are using, show the final images within the video, and also give out useful information to help teach and inspire other photographers.
The deadline is December 31st 2011, and you can see some of last years winners here: Fstoppers Contest: It’s Time To Vote!

Adobe After Effects CS5.5 mid-cycle update rivals full-scale release
| Jeff Foster | MacWorld
An in-depth review of the latest release of After Effects:
A so-called "dot upgrade" of a major software product like Adobe After Effects may imply that it’s not significant enough for you to jump on board until the next full version is released. If you think that, you are dreadfully wrong. After Effects CS5.5 boasts enough major new features and productivity enhancements to rival any full version software release.

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