Tuesday, August 02, 2011

NEX-VG20, successor to the NEX-VG10 to be announced August 24th?

SonyAlphaRumors has information about a big upcoming announcement from Sony with new lenses (16-50mm A-mount, 55-210 E-mount, Zeiss 24mm f/1.8) cameras (A77 and the NEX-7) and camcorder; NEX-VG20.

The NEX-7 has been rumored since the arrival of the NEX-5 and 3, and was always supposed to be a more sophisticated version of the small mirror-less camera design.

Whats more interesting to me is the impending announcement of the NEX-VG20. How will this differ from the existing model? Will it just be a chip upgrade? My guess is that it will also add 24p support, since nearly all of Sony's high-end consumer camcorders now support 24p. The other complaints about the NEX-VG10 were the menu control system, but I doubt that will change significantly. We shall see...

SonyAlphaRumors: (SR5) Huge Sony leak!!!
EOSHD: Sony NEX7, A77, A65, NEX5N and VG20 video camera to launch August 24th

 The current Sony NEX VG-10

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