Sunday, July 31, 2011

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The Ultimate Table of Formats-- Aspect Ratios | Film Center
An exhaustive list of different moving image formats with year introduced, year abandoned, aspect ratio and frame area.

Imax, RealD earnings disappoint, stocks plummet | Ben Fritz | Los Angeles Times
More proof that interest in 3D is declining?
The news comes as returns from 3-D screens in the U.S. and Canada for many movies this summer have been unimpressive, including “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows -- Part 2,” “Captain America: The First Avenger” and “Green Lantern.” Overseas, however, people remain more interested in paying extra to see images pop out of the screen.

Clues for Building a Good Armature for a Stop Motion Puppet
| Carlos Lascano | Zacuto
I'd love to try my hand at stop-motion....if I only had the time!
According to my personal experience, the most reliable and easily achievable materials for good quality armatures are wood and wire. If the budget allows you to hire a professional to create the armatures with top-quality materials then great, go for it. But for us reckless animators that take joy in building the puppets ourselves, some other more attainable materials can still work pretty well.

The fallacy of pixel peeping! Red Tails trailer partially shot by Philip Bloom on a Canon 5DMkII and 7D | Andrew Reid | EOSHD
Andrew thinks that the Red Tails trailer, because it includes some footage shot on DSLRs, proves that pixel peeping is pointless:
This footage acts as a timely reminder for all aspiring filmmakers. DSLR image quality – even the line skipping flawed image you get from the Canon DSLR back in 2009 – is good enough for serious work at the highest level.
While I generally agree with the thrust of the post - that it's more important to get out and shoot, than what you're shooting with - a better camera is still a better camera, whether it's better because it's easier to use, smaller and lighter, or produces a slightly better image.

JJ Abrams... | Jannard | REDUser
JJ has dibs on the first EPIC-X:
When I opened my first RED ONE package, it was like a sense memory. I hadn't felt that same thrill of absolute possibility since I was a boy, opening my first super 8 camera.

Hollywood's First Digital Christmas to Cause Pain | Alex Ben Block
| The Hollywood Reporter
With DVD sales plummeting and cloud-based distribution rising, it might not be a merry Christmas for the studios:
The big question is: How much pain will the transition inflict on Hollywood? Studios already are enduring wrenching change as DVD sales dwindle faster than digital revenue rises. A year ago, Sony eliminated about 450 positions, mostly in home entertainment, while in recent months Disney dropped close to 200 jobs, Warner Bros. cut 50, Fox trimmed 22, and Lionsgate laid off 10.

'Californication' leaves no trail of tape | Peter Catanicas | Variety
The show is now shooting digitally using the ARRI Alexa, producing dailies on set, but still sends the dailies out for color correction:
"When we started the show, we tried to color on-set before handing it off to Tom," said Weaver. "But after a season, Tom said, 'Honestly, what I'm doing here is undoing what you guys did.' You couldn't isolate the colors on-set. If you wanted to warm up a scene you had to put a stain over the entire frame. So this year I'm not doing any on-set colorizing at all. I'm handing the raw material over to Tom. He knows my eye.".

Advice From A Genius: Should You Buy AppleCare? | Jordan Golson | MacRumors
Well should you? This article, based on a post from Thomas Brand who worked as a Genius at an Apple Retail Store, offers advice on AppleCare for different Mac models.

Octocopter in Africa - Extreme Aerials - Okavango Delta | | Vimeo

Octocopter in Africa - Extreme Aerials - Okavango Delta from on Vimeo.
Shoot using Canon 7D, Canon 550D, and 10-22mm EF-S


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