Monday, August 01, 2011

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Adobe Warp Stabiliar. A Poor-Man's Cineflex? | Tom Guilmette |
Abandoning Final Cut Pro for Adobe CS 5.5, Tom finds lots to love in the Warp Stabilizer.
The warp stabilizer is not a replacement for proper camerawork. You will still need to acquire good looking footage using tools like a tripod or dolly/slider. But this plugin is very good and will open doors to creative technique never before possible without tons of post time and processing power.

Vimeo to take on Brightcove, Ooyala for video hosting | Ryan Lawler | Gigaom
Vimeo comes out with the $199 Vimeo Pro which offers:
...features that aren’t available to free users, including customizable “portfolio” websites and players, review pages that can be shared before a video goes public, advanced reporting and analytics, social media sharing tools and advanced privacy settings.
The $199 a year gives you 50GB of storage and 250,000 plays, though additional storage and plays may be purchased. This could be interesting for corporate users, though sounds like it's not for distributing your movie.

What You See Is What You Get | Manohla Dargis | New York Times
Interesting article about complexity in film, and whether difficult movies just make us think too hard.
Moviegoers fed a strict Hollywood diet may find themselves squirming through, say, a film by the Hungarian director Bela Tarr less because of the subtitles than because of the long takes during which little is explained. The same may hold true for those who watch “The Tree of Life” and want Terrence Malick to connect the dots overtly among his characters, the dinosaurs and the trippy space images.

Setting up Studio Lighting | VideoMaker | YouTube
A video that explains how to set up lighting for a studio.

Coming Soon: The 3rd Annual Online New England Film Festival
| New England Film will be hosting films from Woods Hole, Rhode Island and other local film festivals on their website from September 1 through October 15.

Cinemorph Filter & Animorphic Lenses Explained | Peter Bohush | Vimeo
A brief explanation of how anamorphic lenses work, and a review of the CineMorph Filter, a lens filter that emulates some of the qualities of a true anamorphic lens.

Are Web Series The Future of Branded Video Entertainment?
| Jeremy Scott | ReelSEO
Interview with Chase Norlin, CEO of Alphabird, who has created Placevine Studios a website for reviews of web series and YouTube channels.
As a rule, we generally tend to stay away from profiling short films and “one off’ styled clips as far as web series content is concerned. We’d rather review an ongoing web series as it gives us an opportunity to track its development from a production value standpoint. Since the web series is still a relatively new medium, it’s exciting to see how much the content can mature from a production standpoint, and who’s showing signs of thinking outside the proverbial box and willing to push the parameters to a new and never before seen level visually, storyline, and performance wise.

Apple expected to launch 3 HDTV models by March 2012 - report
| Neil Hughes | AppleInsider
The rumor that Apple will do something in the television space keeps coming around...

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