Monday, March 14, 2011

Sony NXCAM Super 35mm camera news

Due to ship in May?
Anthony Mozora on DVInfo reports that Creative Video in the UK now lists a ship date for the NXCAM Super 35mm camera of May 2nd. DVInfo: Sony to expand 35mm large format NXCAM lineup

Sensor Resolution and Filter Arrangement
It's been widely reported that the NXCAM Super 35mm camera will use the same sensor as the PMW-F3, but there's still some things we don't know about that sensor.

While Sony announced the resolution of the chip (3.43 Megapixels) they haven’t disclosed how those pixels are used to generate an image, though according to Sony, it has a “very interesting” color filter array.

When I asked a Sony rep at the Camera Company show last weekend when Sony might reveal these details, he clearly didn't know, though he speculated they might be waiting until the NXCAM is released (I think that was a real guess on his part.)

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