Thursday, March 17, 2011

Japan woes causing price increases already?

Tom Guilmette reports via Twitter that the price of Sony XDCAM discs has gone up:
The cost of a single layer sony 23.3 GB xdcam disk went up from $19 to $34 overnight.
As at 11:20 EDT, B & H lists the PFD23 23.3 Gigabyte XDCAM Laser-Disk  at $33.50.

I don't buy XDCAM media, so have no idea what the usual price is...

But a number of Sony factories are closed due to damage, and the remaining ones are facing shortages of electricity, etc.; Bloomberg: Sony, Toyota Shut Factories After Power Shortages Follow Earthquake Damage

I encourage everyone that can, to donate something to the Red Cross
or charity of their choice to help those in Japan.
G I V E    T O   T H E   R E D   C R O S S

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