Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Apple News

More Final Cut Pro Speculation
No Film School offers more speculation about the future of Final Cut Pro, including the suggestion that Apple will sell through the App Store and offer it in parts (seems kind of likely.)
NotFilmSchool: Will Apple Split Up Final Cut Studio and Sell the Components a la Carte?

Fix for Apple TV coming
AppleInsider reports a software fix is in the works for a problem with the Apple TV:
Last week, AppleInsider first reported on the screen flickering problems caused by the 4.2 update for Apple TV. The problems occur on a variety of TV sets from different manufacturers, affecting major brands including Sony, Panasonic, Hitachi, Samsung and Toshiba.
No date set for the fix.
AppleInsider: Fix in the works for Apple TV screen flickering issue

iTunes has just 4% of US digital video market. Netflix 61%
I'm surprised Apple isn't doing better than that.
AppleInsider: Apple iTunes takes just 4% of US digital video market as Netflix dominates

Apple working on Magazine publication tools?
FastCompany reports that Apple may be building templates (or something) to help developers produce digital magazines.
Apple's rumored to be building code hooks and extensive developer guidelines into a future version of Xcode (the software suite that lets coders create apps for the iPhone and iPad) to aid the construction of iPad-friendly digital magazines.
I hope it's true as I really wish there were a better way to publish to the iPad than through the ePub format and iBooks...
FastCompany: Could an Apple Magazine Template in iOS Change the Industry?

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