Tuesday, March 15, 2011

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Is the iPad 2 faster at editing than a MacBook?
No. Well, yes according to this piece in AppAdvice, but I think the tests may be somewhat skewed in the iPad's favor (and even if it is faster, it only works with a limited set of media!)
There are a couple of reasons why these ultra powerful machines failed to compete with the iPad 2. The iPad 2 may have a special H.264 video encoding chip that enables it perform really well. The Mac version of iMovie may have a slower encoding engine. We are not sure what the reason is, but once again iOS devices seem to be the clear winner here. The results of this test are below.
AppAdvice: iPad 2 Beats Out MacBook Pros In iMovie Speed Tests!

iPhone app for video stabilization
HandHeldHollywood profiles a new app for the iPhone, Movie Stiller, that will stabilize video (after it's been shot.)
In my brief tests, I found that this easy-to-use app works well at reducing minor shakes, even on pans. If you shot your footage on a pogo-stick, don't bother trying to fix it. The app WON'T save horrible footage, but it will improve decent footage.
HandHeldHollywood: Movie Stiller Stabilizes your iPhone footage

Cineroid EVF review
Cineroid appears to have beaten both Redrock and Zacuto to the punch with an EVF for DSLRs (and other cameras) and Philip Bloom has a review. He generally likes it - partly because it's the only option available at the moment - though he suspects that Zacuto's offering may be better.
It’s a super piece of kit, I have no idea how it compares to the upcoming competition as they are not out yet, I have seen the Zacuto panel and it’s superb and you will use your existing Z-Finder with it. The Zacuto promise to offer lots of features that compete with this and promise some better ones too…but until it’s out we won’t know and for now the Cineroid is simply the best one out there.
PhilipBloom: Cineroid EVF Review…The first EVF out of the block…

Hulu looking to produce own content
Adweek reports Hulu is planning to produce original content and integrate with Facebook:
Last week, Lionsgate debuted the animated comedy Trailer Trash on Hulu. This month Kiefer Sutherland, in conjunction with Digital Broadcasting Group, will premiere the Hulu-exclusive The Confession (he created and stars in the action series)
Adweek: Hulu Video Gets Original

The 10 most innovative companies in film
FastCompany profiles the ten companies it considers the most innovative companies in film. Besides the sort-of obvious - Netflix - there's some interesting choices like: Double Negative, Real D, AMC and Tiffen.
FastCompany: The 10 Most Innovative Companies in Film

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