Thursday, February 10, 2011

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JVC Blog
The Pro division of JVC has started a blog series with a "Countdown to NAB." The first article covers live HD ENG operations and wonders if 4G broadband wireless will replace microwave.
ProJVCNEW Live HD ENG backhaul technology as early as 2011?

Steadicam Merlin Review
El Skid explains why he doesn't like using the Steadicam Merlin with a DSLR, and instead prefers the cheaper Glidecam:
Now, I have had some good results with the Merlin, but I finally had to concede last night that it’s simply not very good for DSLRs and I would advise against buying one for that purpose. I will add that I tried a Canon XHA1 (which features a locking pin to keep the camera set on the stage) and it worked beautifully, really well. For DSLR stabiliser uses I have to say the Glidecam is the one to get.
B & HGlidecam HD2000 Stabilizer System [$449.95]

12 Photographers - 2 Questions
John Early asked 12 photographers the same two questions:
  1. What is the worst moment or time in your photo career and what did you learn from it?
  2. What is the best moment or time in your photo career and what did you learn from it?
The answers apple to anyone working in creative industries.

Top Ten Rental Cameras in the UK
Televisual polled 26 hire companies for their five most used cameras and the percentage of usage of each. This information was then assembled to create a Top Ten list of cameras. There were more than 20 different cameras vying for a place in the top 10.

Eight of the cameras in the top ten are Sony's (and interestingly the number one camera - the tape-based Sony HDW-790P - is actually discontinued!) Two lower-priced file-based cameras, the Sony PMW-EX3 and Sony PMW-EX1R came in at #2 and #8 respectively. The RED One came in at #6 (down from #3 last year) and the Canon 5D came in at #9.

Companies were also asked what they were planning to invest in this year, and from those results there's some expectation that the Arri Alexa, Canon XF-305, Sony PMW-F3 and Panasonic AG-AF101 could make a big impact on next year's numbers.
Televisual: The Top Ten Rental Camera

mocha AE v2.5 upgrade for $99
For the month of February you can upgrade to mocha AE v2.5 for only $99. mocha AE is a stand alone tracking and roto tool now updated to support both After Effects and Final Cut users. To qualify for upgrade pricing, customer must own a valid license of any Imagineer product.
ImagineerSystemsmocha AE upgrade only $99

mocha AE v2.5 from Ross Shain on Vimeo.

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