Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Gale Tattersall

Gale Tattersall is DP for the TV series House, and - in case you missed it - last year they shot the entire last episode of the season using Canon DSLRs. Gale is now a big advocate for DSLRs:
So many advantages such as tighter eye lines because you can fit several 5D's into the same space as one or two conventional cameras. Cool options such as using electric lightweight helicopters that can get you stunning aireal shots at a fraction of the price. The ability to get into the tightest corners and spaces, and a million other applications. Not to mention the fact that with these small lightweight cameras our setups and turn-arounds are done at twice or three times the speed as when we use standard 35mm cameras.
EOSHD has just posted an interview with Gale about using DSLRs in TV and film production.
EOSHD: Interview with House Director of Photography Gale Tattersall

Gale and HD DSLR Workshops is offering a series of three-day workshops in LA this year using digital cameras. The workshops cost $1,200, (i.e. $400 a day).
  • February 13, 20, & 27
  • March 13, 20, & 27
  • April 10, 17, & 24
At the HD DSLR Workshops we inspire as well as educate. Our students leave with new tools and the vision to use those tools. This is accomplished by instructing techniques and practices that will help the students to navigate real world situations rather than idealized, insulated scenarios. The workshops take place over three consecutive Sundays of each month, allowing for gradual absorption and retention of the curriculum. The weeks between classes give the students time for questioning and testing of the techniques learned.
HD DSLR Workshops

HD DSLR Workshops Promo Video from Gale Tattersall on Vimeo.

Cheeseplate Dolly
HD DSLR Workshops has also posted to their Vimeo account a short demo of a "cheeseplate dolly" from Modern Studio Equipment.
Modern Studio Equipment
VimeoJordan Balderas of HD DSLR Workshops Reviews The Modern Studio Equipment Slider

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