Monday, February 07, 2011

Final Cut Pro Tips

Applying Filters to Part of a Clip
This great tip from Scott Simmons at the ProVideoCoalition shows you how to apply a filter to part of a clip, and then adjust the part of the clip that it's applied to. Great tip!
EDITBLOGQuicktips 2011 Day 07: changing FCP filters lengths partially applied to a clip

Rob Imbs Final Cut Pro QuickTips
Rob has put together an interesting QuickTip on Final Cut Pro.
VimeoFCP Quick Tips - episode #183

Another Editing Tip
I should note that I watched all of Rob's tip movie (above) going "Huh?" and "What?!" and then deciding "this isn't correct, or useful to anyone" before I got to the end and realized it was a joke!
BUT, this tutorial at IncredibleTutorials is actually an article that goes into pre-production planning for editing a Final Cut Pro project. Talk First, Shoot Later; good advice for any editor.
IncredibleTutorialsFinal Cut Pro Editing Starts Before the Shooting Stops – Tips to First Time

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