Wednesday, February 09, 2011

News From Here & There

Panasonic AG-AF100 Good, Bad & Ugly
Art Adams at ProVideoCoaltion writes about his experiences with the AG-AF100 on a recent shoot. In generally he likes it - particularly the video camera features not found in DSLRs - though has some problems with how it handles clipped highlights, color and noise.
The AF-100 has a lot of potential, and I’d definitely go with it when the alternative is an HDSLR. Its layout and controls are familiar and it’s designed to do what it does, so it’s much faster and easier to program, judge focus and expose than an HDSLR. It also doesn’t moire like an HDSLR will.

On the negative side, though, it’s still basically an HVX-200 with a larger sensor. It clips roughly the same way, which is not a good look in a large sensor camera, and it’s noisy too. The odd thing about the noise, though, is that it’s consistent throughout the exposure range: there’s no discernible change in noise between EI 200 and EI 800, and the exposure latitude doesn’t seem to be affected either.
ProVideoCoaltionPanasonic AF-100: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Shooting With the AG-AF100
The Collaborative+Film project is shooting "Snow Guardian," a documentary about ski patrols in the Rocky Mountains. They're planning to use Canon DSLRs and the AF100.

F9Photo, one of the shooters on the project, has already blogged about using the AF100 with a SmallHD DP6 monitor and a Canon 16-35mm L lens. He's also Tweeted a picture of using the AF100 and a Nanoflash "at altitude."
Collaborative+FilmSnow Gaurdian Documentary Preparation
F9Photo: Quick test of AF100 with SmallHD DP6 HDMI w Canon Lens Mount
yfrog: Real world use of the Panasonic AF100 and NanoFlash at altitude
B & H: Panasonic AG-AF100
B & H: Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM Autofocus Lens

Sony E-mount Lens Roadmap
SonyRumors points out the E-mount roadmap that Sony has published for 2011 and 2012. Interestingly, this year it includes 24mm from Carl Zeiss, as well as a telephoto zoom 55-200mm, a macro 30mm and a portrait 50mm. Three additional lenses are hinted at for 2012.
SonyRumors(Continually updated) HOT! A77 and new E-mount lens roadmap!!! + Sigma 30mm for NEX!

D|Matte Delayed
The D|Matte, a budget matte-box that was expected sometime in mid-February, has been delayed. The developer now thinks it will be mid-April.
NotesOnVideo: News From Here & There

Marshall's Monitor with HDMI Loop-through
Vincent Laforet is excited about the new monitor from Marshall which includes HDMI loop-through (allowing you to connect another monitor.)
VincentLaforet: New Marshall Monitor with HDMI loop-through and DSLR Ratio Adjustment

[Update: changed date for D|Matte to mid-April]

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