Monday, February 07, 2011

News From Here & There

Still fighting the 3D Wars
Walter Murch's (and Roger Ebert's) dismissal of 3D has not gone unanswered, and I have posted a few links to some of the pro-crowd, but here's just one more Frank Capria.
FrankCapria.TVOn Murch on 3D
NotesOnVideo: 3D News

Which I only included to provide some balance to the report from Bloomberg that glasses-free 3D TV's - which started rolling out from Toshiba late last year - sold less than than half their targeted numbers. And Sony and Samsung report that demand for their 3D screens has also been less than expected. Is the market speaking?
BloombergGlasses-Free 3-D TV Sales Miss Expectations in Initial Month, Toshiba Says

On The Ground In Egypt
The LENS blog at the New York Times covers photography, video and visual journalism. The latest post collects together the experiences of several photographers in Egypt during the recent protests. Some very hairy stories:
The moment I started photographing the crowd, they just absolutely turned, to the point that one person grabbed my camera and started yelling at me, saying I can’t take photos. Before you know, we had this entire mob surrounding us.
NYTimesEven the Middle Ground Is Perilous in Cairo

Sony PMW-F3 low-light video
Alvaro Bernal Alejandre has posted a video shot with the PMW-F3 in low-light at 18db.
VimeoSony PMW F3

Impressive HDR Timelapse Video
Rafael Asquith has produced an impressive HDR timelapse video. The images are very dramatic, and he's using the War of the Worlds radio show audio for interesting dramatic effect. Nice clouds too.
VimeoThe War of the Worlds (HDR timelapse with 7D & 450D)

Zeiss joins Micro Four-Thirds System Standard
Olympus has announced that Carl Zeiss has joined the MFT System Standard Group, and will be offering lenses with the Micro Four-Thirds mount.
Engadget: Carl Zeiss joins the Micro Four Thirds revolution

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