Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Hardware & Software News

Zacuto EVF Information
Zacuto continues to update information about their upcoming EVF (Electronic Viewfinder.) They've now added a "Z-FinderEVF Pro" model to the existing three configurations they had previously announced. The Z-FinderEVF Pro combines the EVF Flip-Up model already announced, with a Z-Finder.

This makes the product line a little more understandable: The EVF is available as two different models, one with a flip-up frame and the other without, and then you can buy both models with an included Z-Finder.
Zacuto: Z-FinderEVF

The Sony E-Mount Announcement
Sony's official announcement about the release of basic specifications for the "E-mount" includes the "endorsement" of the following companies: Carl Zeiss, Cosina, Sigma, and Tamron.
SonySony Discloses Basic Specifications of the "E-mount" for Interchangeable Single Lens Cameras without Fee

Varavon DSLR Loupes and Rigs
DSLRNewsShooter has some pics of DSLR Loupes and Rigs from South Korean maker Varavon.

Sony Bloggie Mac Software Review
Sony just released the Mac Software for their Bloggie cameras last week, and Sony Rumors has a review:
...if you are using your Bloggie to take photos and videos for yourself and are not intending on sharing them with others, then stick to iMovie and iPhoto. However, if you are big on the social and media networks and want to easily share your photos and videos with others, Sony has made a compelling software that is both easy to use for those new to the Bloggie, the Mac, or computers in general while being extremely streamlined and elegant for those of us with a little more computer knowhow.
SonyRumorsBloggie Touch Software Comes to Mac OS X, We Provide Install Video and Review

Steadicam Smoothee for iPhone 4
I just broke down and ordered the Smoothee for iPhone 4 through Amazon. They are out of stock, but say it will ship by February 12th....
Amazon: Steadicam Smoothee for iPhone 4

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