Thursday, May 27, 2010

Studio Lighting with Zack Arias

CreativeLive has been doing a series of interesting webinars on different subjects; three weeks ago they hosted a three-day event with Vincent Laforet. Interestingly, you can watch these live for free; but they sell a download of the edited program if you want to be able to watch it again; or at a later date.

Now they are planning a three-day Studio Lighting event with Zack Arias on June 11-13. If you can't watch it on the weekend, it's $79 to pre-order the download, or $99 afterward. While this is probably oriented towards photography, much of the information will translate to video.
If all the worlds a stage - I want better lighting
BE THERE FOR FREE: they are also having a competition to find six people to attend for free (no word on whether you have to cover your own expenses to get there, but I'm guessing you do so you should probably live near Seattle...)
"I’m going to be teaching a studio lighting class. White seamless and beyond. Models, bands, etc. In order to maximize this for as many people as possible to see it live and for free I will be teaching the class over a weekend. Probably about six hours of live training with live Q&A and critique."
creativeLIVE: Studio Photography with Zack Arias

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