Monday, May 24, 2010

News from Here & There

5D Mark II firmware coming says that a firmware upgrade to fix the "iris jitter: problem, [I'm assuming they mean this problem] is coming, but don't expect any other functionality.

HDSLR footage in Post
Roman France has posted a blog entry documenting the workflow for working with footage from HDSLRs: Dealing with that DSLR in POST! It primarily focuses on Final Cut Pro.

The Boston Globe wins awards for their videos!
The Boston Globe and took two regional Emmys for "The Survivor," a feature on a World War II veteran who recites the names of fallen comrades on each anniversary of a tragic attack, and for "Ted Kennedy," an hour-long documentary on the late Massachusetts senator that took nearly a year to research and complete.
The Boston Globe: Two Globe videos win Emmys

RED Epic News
If you're following RED's upcoming Epic, then you will want to check the update on the stages of development and eligibility for different "stages." While cameras bought prior to May 22nd could be traded in towards an Epic, any camera bought after May 22nd cannot be traded in.. EPIC STAGE Clarification and update

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