Monday, May 24, 2010

Nuendo 5 announced; World Tour

I'll admit I'm not a sound guy - the closest I get to being a sound guy is claiming that I've heard of Pro Tools - but even so I was more than a little surprised when I came across the announcement of Nuendo 5 from Steinberg - a German software company I have heard of.  The name Nuendo doesn't ring any bells, and this is the fifth release! [and with a name like Nuendo you'd think it would - Ed]

Perhaps it's the $1,800 price...

Still, Nuendo... I'm assuming that in German Nuendo doesn't sound quite as wrong as it does in English.

But I digress. Nuendo 5 offers a number of new features, and the write-up says it has "a wealth of features made for film and TV editors, mixers and video game sound designers," and includes:
  • Spot and organize
    Nuendo 5 allows the engineer to comprehensively spot and organize recording takes, such as for multiple roles by using a flexible marker track system. All marker tracks can be sorted and filtered in the marker window, which helps the user to keep the overview on the project. Nuendo 5 also reads CMX 3600 EDL lists provided by the video editor as well as exported and imported CSV formatted spotting and ADR lists.

  • New video engine
    The new native video engine of Nuendo 5 is based on QuickTime. Not only does it provide better performance but also the ability to play out videos in real time via FireWire, now also on Windows. The new video settings panel complements this top feature.
Nuendo 5 runs on Mac OS X 105 and 10.6, Windows 7, Vista and XP, and will be available in June. There's an ongoing World Tour, though the only event in the US is in LA this Thursday:

May 27, 2010
7–9 p.m.
Todd-AO Hollywood
900 Seward Street
Hollywood CA, 90038

Check the Nuendo 5 World Tour page to see if your country is included.

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