Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Key Pro greenscreen/bluscreen keyer for Final Cut Pro, Express and Motion

The Key Pro plug-in package is a new color keyer for Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express and Motion that is based on a new 3D color space technology designed to create the most precise results. The Key Pro package includes 5 plugins:
  • Key
    Key is able to key all sorts of green and blue screens, as well as other colored screens and includes a sophisticated spill processor to make it possible to key and despill in just one step and can also produce black and white alpha masks.

  • Shadow Key
    Shadow Key can create a perfect key by leaving the shadow of the actors intact. This enables you to key the foreground without losing the shadow. The shadow will appear superimposed on the new background.

  • Spill Suppressor
    Effectively removes all unwanted light spill from the keyed object without creating colored fringes on the edges.

  • Clean Plate
    Correct green/blue screen problems and create a perfect flat background. All shadows and imperfections of the screen will be removed

  • Ambient Spill
    Ambient Spill spills light from the background on top of the keyed object. This step connects the keyed foreground to the background, creating realistic results.
Key Pro includes color channel correction and noise reduction, and a Color Offset function that enables the user to compensate for any color channel offset created by various video compression formats. The keyer is also able to shrink and sharpen the border of the keyed mask if the green/blue screen was setup incorrectly or the footage is of poor quality.

Key Pro is an Add-On plugin package for CHV QC Integration FX a plugin platform created with Apple's Quartz Composer technology. While you need QC Integration FX to run Key Pro, it is sufficient to have the demo version of QC Integration FX installed. Key Pro can be purchased individually and runs fully functional without a watermark on the demo version of QC Integration FX.

Key Pro is $95, and runs on all PowerPC and Intel Mac computers on OSX 10.4 (Tiger), OSX 10.5 (Leopard) and OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard) that are qualified to run Final Cut Pro 5, 6 and 7, Final Cut Express 4 or Motion.

A fully functional watermarked demo version is available for download on their website in the Download section.
CHV-Electronics: Key Pro Product Page

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