Friday, May 28, 2010 reviews Canon T2i and take a look at the Canon T2i video performance, and find it to be pretty darn good - for an HDSLR - though maybe not quite as good as the Canon 7D [What a relief for those of us that spent almost twice the price for the 7D!]

Scores were close (higher is better), with the two returning similar numbers for Color Performance, Motion Performance, Low Light Noise and Sharpness (where the T2i was actually slightly better than the 7D.) But in Low light Sensitivity, the 7D performed quite a bit better, as well as in Low Light Performance and Video Noise. Of course, I'm basing this on the difference between the reported numbers; the numbers themselves mean little to me!

7D T2i % diff
Video Color Performance 8.31 7.45 10
Video Noise 12.65 10.68 15
Motion Performance 10.05 9.5 5
Sharpness 9.98 10.19 2
Low Light Sensitivty 8.38 6.3 25
Low Light Performance 10.27 8.41 18
Low Light Noise 11.63 10.76 7.5

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B & H: Canon 7D ($1,599 with $100 rebate valid through 6/5/10)
B & H: Canon T2i w EF-S/18-55 IS ($849.99 with $50 rebate valid through 6/5/10)

[Right now it seems to be difficult to find the body-only T2i in stock at any retailer.]

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