Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sony NEX-5 updates

Well it's official. You can fine links and summaries of reviews/previews of the NEX-5 at Crunchgear. Seems that dpreview got beaten to the punch for a full review and they aren't happy:
Having spent a considerable amount of time producing previews of both cameras we were slightly surprised this morning to see full reviews of the NEX-5 on another sites who were apparently given production cameras (which we were promised but never received). We only received pre-production models and honored Sony's request not to publish images.
I figure they are referring to the LetsGoDigital review[?] Or is it the Imaging Resource review? hard to tell what's a preview, over-view, review or hand-on review these days.

LetsGoVideo says of the video:
the Sony NEX-5 is able to record video in 1920x1080, 17Mbps resolution. The Sony NEX-3 supports a maximum video resolution of 1280x720, 9Mbps.
Imaging Resource says:
the Sony NEX series are the first interchangeable lens digital cameras designed to tackle continuous autofocus and exposure adjustment while recording video [...]
Sony says the new E-Mount lenses have silent focus and silent, continuous aperture control. See our Optics tab for a more thorough writeup of Sony's new approach, as well as our completed test results for both kit lenses.
DigitalCameraInfo says:
The NEX-5 can handle 1920 x 1080 video at 60i, storing the results as AVCHD files, and MP4 files (1440x1080, 30p or 640x480, 30p resolutions)
It's certainly an interesting looking camera (the NEX-5) but I don't think it's going to have Canon up at night worrying too much; no 30p at 1920, no 24p, the limited number of lenses (at least at the moment.)

[UDPATE] All the sites I've seen say it's 1080i, but there's some discussion on forums that it's 'p.' The designation of 60i is pretty specific (a 1080 60p camera is very unlikely) so at the moment I'm guessing it is 60i...

One last thought: The design of the camera reminds me of the old Sony DSC-F717 camera body design: a big lens with a small body hanging off the end. The NEX has lost a bit of weight, but it's kind of similar.

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