Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Film & Video News

YouTube lets you post semi-private movies
Previously, YouTube videos were either Public (everyone can see them) or Private (only specific YouTube users can see them.) Now they have added an Unlisted option; this gives you the URL of the movie, which you can share with those you want to, but others won't be able to find the video (unless they are given the URL.)
CNET: YouTube gets useful 'unlisted' video option

What's on at Cannes?
Can't make it to Cannes? Andrew O'Hegir at Salon provides a look at what's going on, why Cannes Film Festival lacks glitz and glamour, and some of the more interesting movies being shown there.
Salon: Cannes this film festival be saved?

Hurt Locker producers to put the hurt on pirates
From The Hollywood Reporter:
We've learned that the producers of the Oscar-winning "The Hurt Locker" are preparing a massive lawsuit against thousands of individuals who pirated the film online. The case could be filed as soon as tomorrow.
And in other its-not-a-good-decade-to-be-a-pirate news, Hollywood studios are backing Viacom in their suit against YouTube for violating copyright law, and a federal court has found that Limwire is liable for copyright infringement.

Coppola on 3D: It's 'Tiresome"
“I personally do not want to watch a movie with glasses. It’s tiresome.”
ElectronicHouse: Francis Ford Coppola: 3D is ‘Tiresome’

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