Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More Sony

Sneak Peek: New Sony Camcorder in Development
Sony hasn't been part of the HDDSLR revolution [well really, who has, other than Canon?] but the sonystyle blog has a little preview of a camcorder with interchangeable lenses and an APS sensor. Coming in the fall.

CNET gets it's hand on the NEX5
A short video preview and video. Can anyone explain what this means:
You should also keep in mind that unlike the Alpha DSLRs, which have image stabilization built into the camera, the NEX models use optical stabilization in order to achieve the smaller body sizes.
The Aplha cameras don't use optical image stabilization?

[UPDATE: Just to clarrify my question, the way this is worded seems to make optical stabilization sound like a bad thing - or at least not-as-good thing - yet I was under the impression that optical stabilization was better than "image stabilization".]

Video is 1080/60i AVCHD according to the chart.

CNET: Hands-on: Sony Alpha NEX-5 interchangeable-lens camera

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