Thursday, May 13, 2010

Never mind the NEX-3 & -5, I want an NEX-7 reports that Sony has a NEX-7 waiting in the wings which will put the just announced NEX-3 & 5 to shame. Reportedly the camera will feature full manual control, a revised sensor, and:
  • 1080p@60
  • 1080p@24
  • 720p@120fps and 60p
Wow! 60p at 1080 and 120 at 720?! Be still my heart! The report suggests the camera won't come out until the end of the year, and that they are holding back - in part - to see what Panasonic has up their sleeves for the GH1 replacement, and also to release updates to their Alpha range with video capabilities.

No idea what this means - if anything - to the report of a camcorder body that will work with these lenses.

Sony certainly seems to be taking this whole video thing more seriously. Sony NEX7 to rival GH2 in September?

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