Monday, May 10, 2010

News from Here & There

Firmware updates for Panasonic DMC-GF1, DMC-GH1 and DMC-G1
Improved autofocus performance with third-party lenses and recognition of the new 14-42mm kit zoom, plus enhanced flash performance for the GH1 and G1

PL Mount Modification for Canon 7D
If you want to be able to connect PL mount lenses to a DSLR, Band-Pro is offering a PL conversion of the Canon 7D that is performed by FGV Schmidle in Germany.
The camera’s mirror and optical viewfinder are removed and the original sensor block is rigidly reinstated in connection with the one-piece 3/8” threaded steel mounting bracket and PL lens mount, which ensures that all critical elements of the camera move as one. A 3-pin Fischer connection is added to allow start/stop control when using a handgrip system or remote camera controls. This makes the modified 7D ideal for remote rigs, car rigs and cranes/jibs.
No idea what the cost is; the page has a "Get a quote" link, which makes me think that if you have to ask, you probably can't afford it.
[UPDATE 9:45PM] The cost is $7,800.
Band Pro: The FGV 7D-PL, a Canon 7D modified in Germany by FGV Schmidle

Review of Canon XF305 - in French
If you can read French (or survive Google Translations) you can find a review of the Canon XF305. They compare it to the Sony EX1, which it seemed to beat in nearly everything except low light sensitivity. Canon XF305 le test

And for those who read English: Canon XF305 & XF300 - Hands On Preview
MC Rebbie at The Technofile got to play with them, or he didn't. It's a little unclear:
Canon recently gave me hands on access to their newly announced and yet to be released XF305 & XF300. Although I haven’t had a chance to shoot with them yet, I have seen ungraded footage from a couple of shoots on which they’ve been used...
Hmm, so he got to hold it, but not shoot with it? I'm not sure if that strictly counts as hand-on. It's a bit like being able to touch a car, but not sit inside it or drive it, isn't it?
The Technofile: Canon XF305 & XF300 - Hand On Preview


Unknown said...

Hi Michael,
The price on the 7D-PL at Band Pro $7800, no mystery. Sure, it's significantly more than the standard 7D with a Canon mount, but this modification is geared more toward the professional end of the cinematography spectrum. Not that we've got anything against hobbyists. We love hobbyists too.

Michael Murie said...

Thanks for the info!