Thursday, April 22, 2010

vReveal video image enhancement

vReveal is a budget Windows tool for removing shake and other image issues from video. They just released Version 2.0, which now supports HD video, and is available in a free version (vReveal) with a subset of features that only outputs at 480p, as well as a premium version for $39 (vReveal Premium.) See: Feature set.

Both versions support CUDA-enabled NVIDIA graphics processors (GPUs), making it possible for virtually real-time image enhancement.

The samples look interesting; if somewhat over-sharpened. Unfortunately, I don’t think the $399 Dell laptop I have has an NVIDIA graphics processor, but I’m going to download the trial and see how it works…and see how it compares to the shake removal in iMovie...


Unknown said...

Hi, there,

Looking forward to seeing how you find vReveal's stabilization feature compares to iMovie's.



Unknown said...

Loved your Image Enhancement Techniques