Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Redrock Micro price increases

It seems that's Redrock Micro increased it's prices last week by 20-35% (at least on their website.) Sellers like B & H seem to still be selling gear at the older prices (for example the Captain Stubling is still $975 at B & H, but is $1,152 at Redrock, and the Event DSLR is $640 vs 850.)

It's unclear how this might trickle through, but it's a significant change in price, so if you're thinking on getting a Redrock rig in the next month or so, you might want to look into it now.

[UPDATE] Reader bvalente points out that some prices have actually decreased, and some have stayed the same, so check Redrocks pricelist carefully!

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Unknown said...

actually there's been a price adjustment - some prices have increased, but a lot have decreased and some have stayed the same. If you can find an item that went up in price for the previous old price, definitely jump on it