Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kata comes up with an Air Bag for cameras

I'd previously posted about Kata's new bag announcements at NAB: the D-Light Capsules and the Pro-Light Resource-61. Seems they had another trick up their sleeves: inflatable bags for carrying your camcorder! There are two models, the ABS-HDV and the ABS-HD that fold up into a pouch "no larger than a book" and are inflated by blowing into a tube....
This simple inflatable protective casing comes folded up in a compact pouch no larger than a book. When on board with your camcorder it takes approximately 1 minute to inflate, wrap up your camcorder and stow it in the over head bin. This is inflatable protection not a camcorder bag, so while on the go use the camcorders strap or handle to carry and upon arriving at your destination it should be deflated and packed away in your working bag.

Here's the instructions for use:
  1. Manually inflate air bag halfway using the inflation tube.
  2. Place the camcorder inside the bag
  3. Buckle the bag and zip up leaving the camcorder handle or the strap accessible. Inflate to roughly 75% capacity to protect during flight.
While it's certainly a novel idea, I can't help thinking that an inflatable bag is just asking for trouble; it might offer more protection when new - and as long as it isn't too stressed - but it probably won't fail gracefully.

But I really hope someone gets one and posts a review!

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