Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Movies are dying....television lives?!

Screenwriting guru Robert McKee in a recent interview talks about the biggest mistake noive screenweiters make:
The biggest mistake is that they will try to adapt to whatever is trendy
...tells writers that want full creative control to go into theater:
if somebody writing for the screen actually thinks that their greatest creative efforts is in dialogue, then they should be writing for the stage where every single word of your dialogue, by law, has to be spoken by the actors. So, it just overstates it.
...and though he thinks that storytelling will always survive, it's future may not as films:
There are art forms that rise up and dominate a period of time in human history and then recede. And so film goes through that and recedes. So what, because there will always be story. And the medium of the future, I think, is television.
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