Monday, April 19, 2010

Canon XF300 first reports

The Canon XF300 is not expected until late June but Brian Rhodes has posted at the forum a clip taken using the XF300 at NAB last week. He has also added his thoughts on the performance of the camera compared to a Sony EX1. Note that the models shown at NAB were pre-release models, and he said that he couldn't get the white balance to work on the XF300.
The Sony seems to be a stop faster than the Canon.
The footage was shot 1080 24p 48 with iris wide open. The Canon is lighter than the EX1 with a better (CG ) center of gravity; its very well balanced. I like the lens better on the EX1 it has a better feel to me. The Canons 4.0-inch color LCD with 1,230,000 dots is a huge improvement over the G1s and the A1s model. It opens to the left or right, as well as rotating and tilting forward 35°.
I got a chance to shoot some Rez and color charts courtesy of Canon. The XF300 displayed lines up to approx. 1200. There was no IR contamination in the blacks on the color chart and there was clear delineation in the color spectrum. On the side by side footage you can see the guys black jacket looks brownish on the Sony Ex1 vs. Black with the Canon XF300. Canon XF300 Sony PMW EX1 low light

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