Friday, April 23, 2010

Students filming the unseen

The Boston Globe recently posted an article about how Kevin Bright, an Emmy-award winning Producer of the sitcom "Friends," has been working with students at the Boston Perkins School for the Blind, teaching them movie making. The article is interesting for two reasons; one) the story itself, and two) the video story that's hosted on their website along with the article.

Like other newspapers, The Boston Globe has increasingly been including video segments with their stories. Having watched a few of them before, they usually seemed rather short and to the point - little more than standup pieces you might see on the local news.

But this segment is a little more ambitious than that. If nothing else, watch the first minute and see how they have inter-cut a student video with an interview with Bright. This is fairly ambitious, and a step up from the usual local nightly news segments.

The article is credited to Linda Matchan, while the video segment is credited to Producer: Dina Rudick.

The Boston Globe: Student filmmakers capture world they know and can’t see

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