Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The HXR-NX5U & HDR-AX2000 Page

I've been obsessing a bit over the new Sony semi-pro/pro AVCHD camcorders, and thought it would be worth assembling together the different bits into a more coherent whole. So I've put together a HXR-NX5U & HDR-AX2000 Page. Not much new has been added since the camera's were announced, but hopefully it will grow.


Unknown said...

What are the main differences between the two cameras? Is the $500-1000 price difference worth the upgrade to the NX5U, if a person is shooting documentary style or events (weddings, etc) ?

Michael Murie said...

I took a swipe at it here: VideoQ&A: HXR-NX5U vs HDR-AX2000