Monday, January 11, 2010

More 3D

An article appeared in The Sunday Times yesterday, rather breathlessly reporting Hollywood's enthusiasm for 3D. It notes that a number of older movies are going to be retro-fitted for 3D, and some movies in production are being reworked to include 3D before release:

Retro-fitting a screen classic with 3-D imagery could take as little as four months, using software to manipulate a digital copy of the film.

Peter Jackson, director of The Lord of the Rings, said last spring that he wanted to reissue the trilogy in 3-D if Avatar persuaded enough cinemas to put in new 3-D projectors. Last week technicians at Weta, the production company that had worked on the trilogy, said they had experimented with 3-D battle scenes and proclaimed them to be "gob-smacking".

another interesting line:

Last week the University of Southern California (USC) published a report suggesting that after seeing a 3-D film in the cinema in 2009, 40% of people would prefer to watch television in 3-D, too.

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