Friday, January 15, 2010

RED Camera upgrades to Mysterium-X

I don't really know a whole lot about RED ONE cameras; other than they exist, and that if I could afford one, the camera I could afford will probably be the Scarlet, which is coming sometime soon...

But existing RED ONE owners can now upgrade to the Mysterium-X sensor, starting next week. The upgrade costs $5,750. Other details can be found at

In thinking about the price of these cameras (the RED ONE is sub-$20k, and the Scarlet looks like it will start at about $5K) reminded me of a book I read years ago called "Feature Film Making at User-car Prices: How to Write, Produce, Direct, Film, Edit, and Promote" by Rick Schmidt. It was a great book because he went through the entire process from writing and pre-production, shooting and editing, to promotion and getting your budget movie shown and into competitions. It was very informative and inspiring; even though I never wanted to make a feature movie.

But being reminded of that got me thinking; I figure that at the rate I acquired cameras over the year, had I saved my money I could have bought quite a nice car by now. :(

But then there's only so many things you can do with a car.

What ever happened to Rick? Turns out he's alive and well and has a website, as well as giving workshops and offering consulting.

I wondered if the book was still in-print, and it kind of is; it turns out he updated it to "Extreme DV at Used-Car prices..."'s a pity that DV is in the title; much of the book would be applicable to shooting using budget HD cameras, but most people will probably walk right past the book because it says "DV."

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