Friday, March 30, 2012

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Canon Rumors. Possible 4K HDSLR. Why I’m Not Buying A 5D3 Just Yet
| Jared Abrams | WideOpenCamera
Repeat after me: "there will always be a better camera in the future." Though I will admit that the time between releases seems to be accelerating. Jared explains why he isn't buying a camera right now:
Canon Rumors is reporting a possible 4K DSLR from Canon on April 16th at NAB 2012. There is also another event on the 15th. Two big announcements from Canon on the heels of the new 5D3 makes me want to wait and see what will be shown at NAB. I also think we may see a 4K camera from Sony.

Hustle: Color Grading Canon C300 Footage | Chris Portal | Blog
Chris blogs about the other half of this weeks presentation at the Boston Creative Pro Users Group:
The whole color grading process took a total of 7-8 hours over the span of 2 days. Having worked with 5D, 7D, Alexa, Red, 16mm, 35mm, and now C300 footage, Rob described the C300 footage as having significantly more latitude compared to the 5D and 7D. For example, keying the C300 held up in cases where 5D and 7D footage would have quickly torn and become pixelated. In general, Rob described his color grading process in 2 parts:

WARNING: Don't hot-swap lenses | CanonEOSUser Forum
Interesting warning about hot swapping lenses on the C300; but theres no information about where it's coming from; officially from Canon? A user had a problem? This is not something I've heard of with Canon DSLR's, so I wonder why the C300 would be troubled by it:
When changing glass on your C300, be certain to turn the camera off. Otherwise, cross-contact connection may occur, causing a short and blowing a fuse. This is more likely with 3rd party lenses, but the camera should be turned off with every lens exchange, Canon glass or not.
UPDATE: It appears the manual contains this warning!

Filming a web commercial with the Canon C300 | Philip Johnston | HD Warrior
Philip continues to post short notes about his experiences with the C300:
I discovered the on board mic holder to be a real pain, the holder itself being totally non standard, in other words the diameter is far bigger than it should be causing major problems with all my short shotgun mics as they are far too thin and need bulking up to fit in the holder.
This does not apply to PL mount cameras as there are no electric contacts in play.

Canon 5D Mark III vs. 5D Mark II Video Test: Moiré, Rolling Shutter, Dynamic Range, High ISO | Nathan Lee Bush | Adorama Rentals
Some video tests to compare:
  • moiré patterns
  • rolling shutter (the dreaded “jello effect”) during pans
  • high ISO performance
  • a high contrast scene to test dynamic range

Workflow: Green Screen Tutorial | Vincent Laforet | Blog
Vincent talks about shooting green screen shots, often impromptu using the RED and a handy little green screen:
Enter the Chroma Pop, a 5 ft. x 7ft. green screens that folds up like a reflector (or blue on the opposite side). We didn’t have any huge lights laying around, and so thanks to the portability of the green screen, we headed outside and used the sun. To achieve the most even light possible, we put the back of the green screen to the sun and used the ambient daylight to fill the green screen. We pulled the subject (Marcus) away from the screen so that he was catching some of the sun as a backlight as well. This gave us a little extra separation between him and the green screen, as well as an overall more pleasant image.

Why Switch to Adobe Premiere Pro? Ask the Oscar Winners | StudioDaily
In this - ad? - Adobe customers explain why they use Adobe products:
According to Jacob Rosenberg, partner, chief technology officer, and post producer of Bandito Brothers, “With Adobe Creative Suite Production Premium, we can simplify everyday tasks with small changes that make a big difference. From the ability to work tapelessly with DSLR formats to DPX output straight from Adobe Premiere Pro through the Adobe Media Encoder,

Adobe has made every step from ingest to output more streamlined.”

Adobe Audition CS6 Sneak Peek | Adobe
...And you better get saving those upgrade fees; Adobe is showing lots of previews of CS6, so it must be coming soon!

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