Tuesday, March 27, 2012

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C300, the good the bad and the ugly! | Paul Joy | Blog
More on the color aliasing issues in highlights with the Canon C300:
As you can see the issue appears as alternating green and red pixels which is really distracting and darn right nasty to look at when watching the moving images. I’ve done a lot of testing with this issue now and it happens with any lens, at any aperture and with or without ND engaged. It happens regardless of any picture profiles or gammas too.

Panasonic GH2 vs 5D Mark III | Andrew Reid | EOSHD PanasonicHD
Except for the shallower depth of field and color rendition (for some things) that the Mark III provides, Andrew really prefers the GH2:
The 5D Mark III is an incredible stills camera and the sensor is much improved in low light. However the video image is not really an improvement on a nearly 4 year old predecessor aside from cleaning up a bit of moire. The 5D Mark III is as soft as the 5D Mark II, and almost as poor as the old 550D and 600D, the improvement here is minimal at best.

Canon 5D MK III Mini Review | Scott Bourne | Photofocus
This is really a still camera review. Several people assure me that the 5D Mark III is an awesome still camera, which is great, but this is a video blog, and that's my primary "focus":
I only shot a few minutes of video on the camera and that just to test the manufacturer claims as best I could. I do see a decrease in rolling shutter – not a dramatic decrease mind you – but noticeable. The overall video quality seems about the same to me.

Grading Great Expectations | Definition Magazine
An interview with colorist Jet Omoshebi on grading this TV series:
“Each camera system has its own characteristics and you grade around those characteristics. The Alexa has a certain set of advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are the way it captures. It has a much more filmic curve, which means you get a very soft roll-off on the highlights and shadows. It captures a huge amount more in those two areas which is where you get all your flexibility. So in that way it responds a lot more like film does which is really lovely. It has a kind of ‘dirtiness’, thats the wrong word for it but it has a texture to it that is much more filmic. It’s not noise and it’s not grain, dirtiness is the only way I can describe it.

iPad 3 Color Gamut | Andy Shipsides | Pinterest
"The iPad 3 has nearly the same color gamut as a Rec709 display. So maybe it's not so bad for Color Grading."

Nikon announces price rise for D800 and D4 | Audley Jarvis | Trusted Reviews
Nikon UK announces a profit price increase:
Response to the announcement has, as might be expected, been relatively damning with the members of one photographic forum questioning the validity of the “internal systems error” explanation, along with the timing of the announcement coming, as it does, only a couple of weeks after the launch of the Canon 5D Mark III.

Behind the Scenes w/ the Sony PMW-F3 Super 35 | Greg Hren | Blog
In this short video, Greg talks about lenses and accessories they are using with the Sony PMW-F3.

Collins College Students Experience the Big Picture with the AG-AF100
| Critical View | Panasonic
A short article about Collins College (Phoenix, AZ) switching to the Panasonic AG-AF100:
“The quality of the image the AF100 produces is so great that I’d put it up against virtually anything I see on television or at the movies,” Johnny said. “The camcorder is durable, capable of being set-up and broken down quickly, affordable to run, expandable, and affords better immediate results that the previous generation of classroom gear: in short, it’s ideal in an educational setting.”

Cameras -- NAB Show 2012 | Craig Johnston | TVTechnology
The NAB show is drawing close, and TV Technology rounds up news on some camera manufacturers plans.
ARRI will showcase its Alexa range of 4K cameras, the Alexa, Alexa Plus, Alexa M, and Alexa Studio, which boasts 14 stops of dynamic range, a base sensitivity of EI 800 and cinematic image quality. Their ergonomics, menu systems and functionality are based on film cameras to provide ease of use for experienced film professionals.

Will Avid be the company selling out editors? | Philip Hodgetts | Blog
Does editing through the cloud mean that US editors will soon be undercut by editors in China?
That’s the positive side. But what of expanded capacity? Surely NBC could equally employ editors in the US, Brazil, India or any other country, in any time zone, running off that same Avid server.

In other words, Avid’s upcoming technology provides big media companies with an effective and efficient way to outsource the editing (of some types of content) to anywhere in the world, wherever labor is cheapest.

New 16mm & Super 8mm Packages from RGrain | HDCamTeam
A new set of film grain loops that "Work with all professional MAC or PC NLE and compositing suites":
Rgrain has recently expanded its offerings by adding new 16mm and Super 8mm packages. They have also added a new 35mm “Ultra Fine” plate to their regular package for an even more subtle look.

Apogee MiC review | Billy Steele | Engadget
I do quite a bit of casual audio recording with the iPad - especially lectures - and I'd like to get a better microphone than the internal mic, but $249 is a bit above my budget! Still, the Apogee MiC seems to do okay in the review:
Immediately, we noticed the clarity of the MiC and picking up exactly what we intended it to. Though the A/C was running in the office we recorded in, the microphone only picked up a smidge of ambient noise that wasn't coming from our D10SCE guitar. The overall warmth of the instrument was captured nicely and string noise was welcomed while remaining super clear.

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