Saturday, September 03, 2011

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Philosophy change... | Jim Jannard | REDUser
RED has changed their policy about pre-announcing things [Didn't they already change their policy about a year ago?]
We will only announce new things when they are done and ready to ship. That includes Scarlet and all other new products and accessories.

We used to go by "always late but worth the wait". That will no longer be the case because we won't telegraph what we are planning anymore. There will be no possibility of us being late. No more "we expect this to be done by..."

From now on it will only be "Here is is and we are ready to ship".
Meanwhile, the first Epic-X was picked up yesterday: 1st X......

The RED Revolution | Matthew Fleischer | LA Times Magazine
An interesting look at RED, it's history, and current place in the market:
The Epic will make its feature debut in the latest Spider-Man reboot—a Sony film. Sony, if you haven’t heard, happens to make a camera or two itself. Amazing Spider-Man director of photography John Schwartzman, ASC, says using a non-Sony camera for a Sony franchise blockbuster was virtually unheard of—but necessity dictated the use of the Epic. “I love film,” he says. “But if you’re shooting 3-D, you have to shoot digital.”

Media Management 101: Basics of Data Wrangling | Evan Luzi | The Black and Blue
Evan outlines how he manages data:
But I thought it would be useful for you to know sort of the basic data wrangling kit that I have as opposed to somebody who might build a cart worth thousands of dollars. This is sort of the bare bones thing and it’s not the fastest kit in the world, but you might be able to build it by spending a couple hundred extra dollars and it could give you a few jobs every now and then.

Video Review: JAG35 electronic FF Рimpressive with trade-offs | Sebastian Wöber | Cinema 5D
A video review of this budget electronic follow-focus. He shows how to set it up and operate it.
The biggest problem of the JAG35 Follow Focus is that it's noisy. This is very unfortunate, because in many situations you won't be able to use it. When you focus slower, obviously the motor is more quiet, but unfortunately, there is this second noise that is audible most of the time, this is the motor working against the force that it is dealing with.

Jonathan Taylor on using Canon EOS 5D Mark IIs for action in Captain America | Planet 5D
Taylor explains why he likes using the Canon 5D:
“The challenge with a lot of action photography is getting the camera in the right position,” noted second unit director of photography Jonathan Taylor. “I’m always looking to get the camera in impossible places because these kinds of shots make action sequences much more exciting. Most 35mm motion-picture cameras and even the leading digital cinematography cameras are just too big to get into interesting positions."

The Times In Which We Live | Steve Hulett | TAG Blog
A VFX worker tells his story of stress, no health care and too many BMWs:
I lost like 40 lbs and went back to work. On the next summer blockbuster I had my second heart attack......and I was back at work 5 days later. Out of the hospital on friday back at work on monday. I could tell NO ONE about my condition with out the fear of being fired.

Make it bounce in After Effects – Boing! | Chadwick Paul
An After Effects expression (script) that creates a rubbery aesthetic to your animation. To apply the expression copy the expression below, option + click the stopwatch on the parameter you want to affect, and paste. A video example appears on the page.

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