Wednesday, August 31, 2011

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First Amendment Rights: New Ruling on Recording Police | Jennifer O'Rourke
| Videomaker
Police in several states have been actively trying to prevent the public from recording them. In Massachusetts they have sometimes used a law against wire tapping to prevent this recording. Now the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts has ruled in favor of a man that was arrested while shooting an arrest:
“In this interlocutory appeal, the defendant police officers challenge an order of the district court denying them qualified immunity on Glik’s constitutional claims. We conclude, based on the facts alleged, that Glik was exercising clearly established First Amendment rights in filming the officers in a public space, and that his clearly-established Fourth Amendment rights were violated by his arrest without probable cause. We therefore affirm.”

DaVinci Resolve On The Mac For Video Editors | Filmmaking Webinars
September 8, 2011 @ 10:00 AM PDT to 11:30 AM PDT
This is a free webinar as long as you watch it live on the day it's broadcast.
Using a project based approach, Barry Goch will walk through a Resolve project from start to finish. We'll take a TV Spot that was cut in Final Cut Pro 7, grade it in Resolve, then return to Final Cut Pro for titling and final delivery. We will also discuss working with Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere Pro as well as using the built-in scene detection for projects without the sequence metadata.

Where applicable, we'll tell you the differences between the paid version and free version of DaVinci Resolve.

Should I buy the 5D Mark II or wait for the Mark III? | Kai | DigitalRev
Rather than speculating about the actual features a Mark III might have, this is really an article about want and need. "We want a 5D Mark III and we need Canon to release it now!"

Review of the creative SLR Magic NEX 28mm F2.8 | Andrew Reid | EOSHD
If you're thinking of getting an NEX-5N or NEX-VG20, or maybe even if you have an NEX-FS100, this lens might be interesting. Andrew certainly likes it:
Some people don’t buy into the low-fi philosophy of these lenses and believe them to be overpriced but I don’t subscribe to that view. The NEX 28mm F2.8 is a sharp lens even wide open, and sure it lacks the sophisticated coating and inky black contrast of a Zeiss but that is the whole point! Those that are used to Lomo and Holga photography will like this lens and unlike on a Lomo retro hipster film camera, be able to shoot low-fi video as well.
It's selling for $160 on eBay.

How Much Does An American Indie Producer Get Paid? | Ted Hope | IndieWire
What does an indie producer get paid on a film? - "2-5% of “budget”—depending on experience." Sounds pretty good, until the following caveat is added: How long does it take to get a project made? 5.5 years (generally speaking). With a 3m feature, that could mean only $10,000 a year.

Why Writers Should Learn About Production | Alan Denman | Raindance
Some interesting ideas on improving your script writing by better understanding production:
Do you want to write endless scripts that will never be produced? Of course not. So what would be very useful is to learn is the bigger picture. There are two main aspects to this: one, the physical aspect of actual film production, and two, the business end of finance, markets, audiences and distribution. In this article I’m only going to talk about what you can learn from understanding how films are produced.

RED Finally Begins EPIC-X Production; Cameras to Start Shipping as Early as This Week | NoFilmSchool
If you have $28,000, you might want to think about getting one...

How to Make Breakaway Glass | FilmmakerIQ
A video showing how to make breakaway glass, along with a recipe!

13 Examples of Why DVD Bootleggers are More Honest than Hollywood Studios | FilmmakerIQ
An amusing collection of bootleg DVD covers with some very bad pull quotes:
"you feel yourself trying too hard to make the film work."

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