Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lens News

Bore yourself senseless with this Lens Blog | Sam Morgan Moore | Dslr 4 Real
Prompted by discussions about lenses between other DPs, Sam weighs in with his lens preferences in a stream-of-consiousness form.

Sony NEX 50mm f/1.8 OSS Lens Sample Photos | ePHOTOzine
Some sample pictures from the upcoming Sony NEX 50mm f/1.8 lens. This lens will sell for $299.99, but since it's not expected until around November, neither Amazon or B & H are taking pre-orders.

Sony also offers a f1.8 Alpha lens, and there's a review of that at photozone using it with the LA-EA1 adapter and the NEX-5 (not the 5N.) They weren't that impressed with the build quality of that lens, or it's autofocus capabilities (though that lens sells for only $149.99). Hopefully this NEX lens will be a bit better.
Photozone: Sony 50mm f/1.8 DT ( SAL-50F18 ) on Sony NEX - Lab Test / Review
B & H: Sony 50mm F1.8mm E-MOUNT LENS [Notification only]
B & H: SAL-50F18 50mm f/1.8 DT AF Lens for Alpha & Minolta Digital SLRs

Everything you wanted to know about the EPIC Canon Mount | Jarred Land
| REDUser
A lot of information has been posted about the upcoming EPIC Canon mount:
  • These will start to ship to customers on September 9th.
  • Deposits will open on RED.COM in the store in the next couple days. Price for the smart Titanium Canon mount is $2000.
  • The Titanium mounts are all machined out of solid Titanium.
  • The Canon lens mount is "SMART" which means it controls camera Iris, Image Stabilization, and Autofocus electronically, via the various control options with EPIC (touch screen, side handle, REDMOTE)
  • All lens data available from the lens will be stored in the R3D metadata. There is on screen displays for iris stop, focal length ( including zooms ) and the current focus distance in inches or mm.
There's a list of lenses programmed into the mount too.

SONY F3 LENS OPTIONS | Matthew Duclos | Circle of Confusion
This post from January about lens options for the Sony PMW-F3 is almost as applicable to the NEX-FS100; if you add a PL adapter to the camera.

An Examination of Lenses Part III: Cooke 25-250 CineVarotal MkI T3.1 | Timur Civan | Timur Civan
A look at a vintage PL lens:
Being a product of the late 1970's this lens certainly has the character and look of that period. Zoom lenses from that era, the pre computer age, completely hand made, with all the flaws and perfection unique to a hand made product, have a distinct feeling to them. Somewhat soft, with a dreamy dramatic look. The Angeniuex's had it, the Cookes had it, and the Lomo's certainly had it.

D|Focus V3 Review | Ben Sengsouvanh | Ben Sengsouvanh
Ben actually won this follow-focus in a competition, but he says he was going to buy it anyway, and he is quite impressed by it:
The build quality of the follow focus is really solid, theres little to no play in the focus gear allowing for an accurate focus pull. Being able to reverse the gearbox on the D|Focus enables to use the follow focus on shorter lenses which is a great addition for me since I use old Nikon prime lenses which means that the focus ring is closer to the camera body.

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