Friday, September 02, 2011

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New EF Mount Video Camera in October? [CR1] | CanonRumors
CanonRumors has a couple of very sketchy reports on an EF mount, APS-C sensor video camera that might be coming from Canon in October. I've also heard a couple of similar rumors in the last few weeks, so maybe it's true?

It seems plausible too, given that:
  1. Canon's been expected to come out with a large sensor camera since before the XF300 series (and the XF100 after it) were announced. Surely they'll eventually get around to it?
  2. Canon has a habit of releasing new video camera technologies a year or so after Sony and others release theirs.
  3. They really need to do something about all those EF mount lens owners switching to Sony and Panasonic.
  4. It solves the 5D Mark III problem; all those video shooters expecting the Mark III to be a killer video machine must be giving the stills division fits trying to figure out how to package HD-SDI and other features into a stills camera, and keep the price and size reasonable.
Canon's video division has a habit of producing really great video cameras a little late, that often make Sony look like a budget product. But they don't tend to be revolutionary either. Don't expect this camera to be the size of the NEX-FS100, capture at 5K and sell for less than $5K. Now if they did that, the industry would be shaken up by Canon for a second time.

Apple Puts Legacy Final Cut Studio Back on Sale | MacRumors
In another sign of the impending apocalypse, Apple has put Final Cut Studio 3 back on sale; though it's available through their 800 number only, there doesn't seem to be an upgrade pricing option, and it's still being sold at full price (i.e. $999). It's also suggested that sales will only continue while they have stock...
Will the complaining about Final Cut Pro X stop now?

The same day edit (sde) tutorial | Canon Digital Learning Center | Vimeo
A really good tutorial for the beginning editor / producer about how to edit a video quickly. The idea of approaching the task as a collection of mini-stories is a good one...

Moire and Aliasing no more?! A solution for the 5DmkII | Philip Bloom
Philip has updated his blog post about the anti-aliasing/ moire filter designed and made by Dave Cubanski of Mosaic Engineering with a couple of color and resolution charts shot with and without the filter. Looks pretty impressive.

First Look: Panasonic AG-3DP1 | Barry Braverman | Studio Daily
A look at Panasonic's newest high-end 3D video camera, which was just announced:
Compared to its more modest AG-3DA1 predecessor the new AG-3DP1 will be considerably more rugged. The front nose retaining cap is now easily removable for adding supplemental Proxar lenses or screw-in type filters; the magnesium chassis of the camera extending forward to provide substantial support (possibly) for a lightweight clip-on matte box.
Don't confuse this with the HDC-Z10000 camera: Panasonic HDC-Z10000 3D camcorder announced

Panasonic Touts 3D Olympics Film Deal and HD 3D Camcorder | Peter Sayer
| PCWorld
A report on Panasonic's 3D cameras and the Olympics:
[The HDC-Z10000] not the camera the company will use for the 2012 Olympics, though: That honor will go to Panasonic's AG-3DP1. The company has agreed to supply Olympic Broadcast Services with cameras, screens and production teams to help a pool of TV companies broadcast the 2012 games live. OBS is building up a pool of broadcasters -- 14 have signed up so far -- who will share images of a dozen or more sports captured at 14 different Olympic venues. "We plan to broadcast over 10 hours a day of 3D product worldwide," said Manolo Romero, managing director of OBS.

RED Releases New (But Still Free) REDCINE-X PRO Software and Ships EPIC-X Cameras | NoFilmSchool
The first cameras are reportedly shipping today.

Litepanels is trying to block the import and sale of LED photo and video lighting in the US [UPDATE 5] | Tony Reale | Free Film School
Litepanels says they have a patent on LED lighting for film, video and photo. Now if they said they have one for LED lights - period - that would be one thing, but for a specific application?

Tony is leading the fight against it, and has added a video about this issue to his blog post:
Litepanels has filed a 337 complaint to block the import of LED lights in the United States used for film, video or photo. This would give them a monopoly and eliminate all other affordable options for filmmakers.

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