Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Zacuto FS100 Filmmaker Kit

Zacuto has announced a new rig specifically configured for the Sony NEX-FS100.
"We created a specific kit for the FS100 as it has a little different platform than the other video cameras like it. It still uses the trusty Universal Baseplate as the base but we had to add a spacer (Z-spacer) to raise the lens to the correct height for aligning the matte box," says Zacuto VP of sales and marketing, Mandy Rogers.
While it's configured for the FS100, the rig can still be used with other cameras.

FS100 Filmmaker Kit Includes:
  • Universal Baseplate w/ 12" Rods
  • Z-Spacer
  • Shoulder Pad
  • 10" M/F Rods
  • Zwiss Plate
  • Zgrips V3
  • Z-Focus
  • ZipGear Prime Lens Kit
  • EVF Rod Mount
  • 1/4 20" Lens Support
A Zacuto EVF is not included. Zacuto says that they are also working on a new top handle for the FS100 that will be available late summer.

B&H: Zacuto Z-FS100 Filmmaker Kit $3,330.00]
Zacuto Store: FS100 Filmmaker Kit #Z-FS100 $3,515
Zacuto: Sony’s NEX FS100 has Arrived
MarketWire: Introducing Zacuto's FS100 Filmmaker Kit

1 comment:

FocusPulling (.com) said...

Hilariously overpriced as always.

My favorite joke is the so-called "Z-Spacer": $135.00.

Again, hilarious.