Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Final Cut Pro X Information & Resources 14


FCPX Quick Tip: How To Use the Position Tool To Override the Magnetic Timeline | Danny Greer |
Yes! It's possible to override the FCPX magnetic timeline and create "space" in the timeline.

Safe | Jonathan Eric Tyrrell | PostPost
Jonathan looks at how to apply the Broadcast Safe Filter in FCPX, and how to avoid mistakes:
In Final Cut Pro X you can also apply the new Broadcast Safe effect to a clip or a Compound Clip. However any corrections you make to an individual clip appear to be applied after Broadcast Safe in the effects pipeline. As before any adjustments you make afterwards will overrule the effect and if you’re not careful you could push the clip outside the regulatory requirements.

Preparing for Final Cut Pro X | Silverado Systems
An 18-page PDF that's free; for a Tweet or Facebook post.
What kind of Mac should I edit with?
Do I need a tower?
How much RAM should I buy?
What graphics card should I get?

Canon XF workflow with FCPX | Daniel Houghton | Houghton Multimedia
A work-around for using footage from the Canon XF100 in Final Cut Pro X...using Adobe Media Encoder!

Using the Keyboard to Make FCPX Frame Accurate Edits in the Precision Editor | Brendan Boykin | CreekMountainMedia
Using the keyboard to trim clips in the Precision Editor.

Managing Your FCP X Events & Projects using Disk Images | Ken Stone |
How to move Events and Projects from computer to computer, or to hide/archive projects.


Hidden Final Cut Pro X Techniques | Iain Anderson | FunWithStuff
Six techniques, including Audio-only transitions and advanced timeline features.

Volume Licenses Arrive | leefromnew haven | Discussions.Apple
Information on the Volume Licence Apple has made available for Final Cut Pro X.

Two ways to remember those FCPX shortcuts | Alex Snelling |
Links to two pages from Alex Snelling showing Final Cut Pro X shortcuts that he created using the application KeyCue.


Final Cut Pro X Advanced Tutorial - Creating a Muzzle Flash [Part 1]
| Dan Allen | YouTube
Adding a muzzle flash inside of FCPX using only the built in tools (Effects / Generators).


Why Every Blogger Should Have Final Cut Pro X | Sean Ogle | Location180
Finally! A Positive review! An iMovie user finds that Final Cut Pro solves all his problems: "Final Cut Pro X is the video editor that I’ve been dreaming about."

Review Apple Compressor | Gary Adcock | Macworld
Having already reviewed Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5, here comes MacWorld's review of Compressor. Covers 32-bit issues too.
While seemingly unchanged on the outside, the core of Apple’s newest release of Compressor 4 (available for download only on the Mac App Store) reveals a robust workflow that’s completely integrated within Final Cut Pro X. As an upgrade in and of itself, it's somewhat better than average, though not stellar.

Final Cut Pro X Review | Connor Crosby | Final Cut Whiz
Please note that the pros and cons I have listed in this post may differ from yours. As I mentioned, I am not a “professional” video editor, so my needs may vary from others. Back to more information about me: I use a Canon DSLR. Final Cut X is great for tape-less media!

Apple Final Cut Pro X | Oliver Peters | digitalfilms
Another extensive review:
Without a doubt, it’s definitely worth tapping into some of the various training materials if you want to use Final Cut Pro X to its fullest. The manual (available as online Help or a downloadable 395-page PDF) covers a lot, but I’ve already hit a number of undocumented features and I’m sure there are many more.

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