Sunday, July 10, 2011

Interesting Music Licensing Info

I received an email from Royalty Free Music Library, which was interesting both because I've never bought music from them, and because of the subject matter. I'm not too sure how I got on their mailing list, but this email had some interesting news about YouTube:

Important YouTube News

If you use production music in your YouTube videos, THIS IS IMPORTANT TO YOU! Youtube faces an increasingly difficult job making sure that any music used on the site is properly owned by the account owner, or properly licensed by the account owner. In an effort to make sure your videos do not get muted or improperly removed, all of our music will be ingested into the YouTube system over the coming weeks for easy recognition.

If you have used our music in your YouTube videos, you may get an email stating the following:

"Your video may have content that is licensed by BFM Digital. No action is required on your part."

There is no action required on your part, and your videos will continue to be displayed as always. We just wanted to give you the heads up so that there is no confusion when the email arrives.

I knew that YouTube had agreements with some big music labels, but this is an interesting development, and suggests that YouTube is working hard to index all music that might be uploaded to their site.

It's rather oblique wording to the YouTube email warning though; has anyone received something similar from YouTube?

Craig D'Andrea
Another thing that I noticed, is that they have a $5 song of the week, and this weeks song is Yesteryear by Craig D'Andrea. That caught me by surprise as I did a short video piece on Craig a year or so ago. Craig's a great guitarist, and I might have to license that song just so I can use it in something in the future!

Royalty Free Music - sort of
And since I was on the site, I was intrigued by their licensing terms (and company name.) It appears - and I did some reading on their site and am still not 100% sure that I am right - that they offer songs as a collection of about 10 or so pieces, which cost $79.99 for download, or $89.99 on CD. Or, you can buy a single song for $39.99 (or $5.00 if you get the $5 song of the week.)

That appears to be the arrangement - if I've got it right - and so it appears to be more advantageous to buy a collection than to buy individual songs; by a wide margin!

BUT, it also appears that their licensing is in two parts:

Standard Synchronization License
With the collection ($79.99) single song ($39.99) or $5 song of the week, you get their Standard Synchronization license:
This license allows you to synchromize our music in tandem with other audio/visual media. Common examples: as background music in a video, commericals, TV programming, film, presentations, on-hold productions, etc...
It appears that this license also allows you to manufacture/duplicate up to 2,000 copies of a DVD etc., with the songs (I'm not sure if the collection license is 2,000 copies per song or 2,000 per collection...)

However, if you go above 2,000, you need the Mass Duplication License, which is $150

Mass Duplication License
This license grants the right to duplicate a production that includes our music (properly synchronized) whether the duplciated media is for sale or given away as in a promotion or the like. Common examples: DVDs for sale or rent, Legacy productions, downloadable or electronically transferred media.
** a standard synchronization license must first be obtained and any music mass duplicated must be properly synchronized according to our Standard Licensing Agreeemnt. Our Standard Synchronization License allows you to manufacture/duplicate up to 2,000 copies. This Mass Duplication License covers an unlimited number of copies.
This is not a bad deal, even if I didn't think it was as clearly explained as it might be on their site.

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