Thursday, July 14, 2011

The - former - Empire Strikes Back

More excitement amongst the Avid user community as Avid held an event yesterday talking about their current plans and laying out a roadmap. There were, however, a couple of caveats, including:
Anything discussed, described or shown was not necessarily going to make it into a future Avid product. No committments were being suggested made.
But that was hardly enough to dampen the enthusiasm of Avid users. Randall Rike posted a short summary to the Avid Community Discussion, while Shane Ross offers more detailed impressions in a blog post covering cost, software update frequency and a new UI design:
Nice update, great look without changing the tools and locations of buttons we have gotten used to. VERY sleek. I love the look of the Audio Tool.
Over the past few years, Avid has significantly lowered their prices and increased the frequency of software updates, good news for existing - and possibly future - users. Having switched from Avid to Final Cut and now planning to move back, Shane offers one final warning:
One thing that I have taken from the NLE wars is this…be on your toes. Don’t be content with one system.

Avid Event on the lot @ Warner Bros. Burbank 07/13/2011
| Randall Rike | Avid Community

THE AVID EVENT - July 13, 2011 | Shane Ross | Little Frog in High Def

UPDATE 7/15:
Scott Simmons assembles together some tweets from the event.
Tweets from Avid’s Committed to the Professional event | Scott Simmons | ProVideoCoalition

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