Friday, October 29, 2010

News from Here & There

Tao of Color
I went to a talk by Colorist Patrick Inhofer back in July and it was really interesting/informative. He's the latest guest on the 16 x 9 Cinema Podcast.

Anton/Bauer DSLR battery pack
Anton/Bauer's new QR-DSLR power pack provides 7.2v power to the camera via the Canon DR-E6 DC coupler** while the PowerTap provides power for 12v accessories such as the on-camera UltralightTM, onboard monitors, and external hard drives.
Anton/Bauer: QR-DSLR

Another iMovie 11 review
Another positive review of iMovie 11. I don't think the program changed that much this rev, it just seems people have noticed it again:
I don’t think iMovie is going to be stealing any of your business anytime soon. We’ll still be making movie magic in FCP… but I know where I’ll be headed the next time my family wants me to just “edit them up a little something something” of prom or Aunt Sophie’s 100th Birthday Bash. I can just plug and play in iMovie and still give them something well produced that we can both be proud of.
Powered Production: Apple Mad Libs (a.k.a. iMovie 11 “Trailers”)

Final Cut Stuff
Neil Sadwelkar stands up for Final Cut in: What's the big deal about FCP?, meanwhile, the rumors of Final Cut's death must be premature; Apple is hiring in the QA department, and a knowledge of Motion is desired.

History of Film Title design
Julia May at Smashing Magazine provides a History of Film Title Design. It's mainly oriented toward early stuff, but it includes several examples.

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