Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Apple News

Wow. So the rumors are that Apple might buy Sony?! At the risk of turning this into an Apple fanboy blog; what the hey? An article on AppleInsider quotes John Sculley as saying Steve Jobs was fascinated by Sony, and wanted Apple to be like Sony, not Microsoft. Makes sense to me; but why buy Sony now? Apple has out-Sonyed Sony when it comes to refinement of product design. I just don't see why Steve - or Apple - would want to buy Sony now.

But Adobe? Now that would make sense!

Final Cut in August 2011
Much weeping and gnashing of teeth; the next Final Cut update is now rumored to be in August 2011. That's actually about when I would expect it, given that the last update came out last year; not even Adobe is on a yearly update cycle. Yes, it's unfortunate since Adobe came out with a new version of Premiere this year, but isn't that always going to be the case?

AppleInsider: Electronics giant Sony rumored for potential Apple acquisition
HDWarrior: Apple to delay FCP-8 till August 2011 “The writing is on the wall”

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