Monday, October 25, 2010

News from Here & There

Comparing the T2i and RED codec
How does the Canon T2i image compare to the RED?  James Blake at the HD Video Production blog has a short write-up comparing the two on a test shot.
HD Video Production: Canon t2i vs. RED: Codec, Color

Adobe News
It's MAX week - Adobe's big developer event - and they are expected to announce and show some interesting things, including Project Rome, a publishing tool for home users, an update to AIR, and most interestingly, the iPad (and other devices) digital publishing tool for InDesign.Terry White has a demo of the later tool on his blog. The digital publishing tool consists of an authoring extension to InDesign for adding interactive content (like video) and exporting the final project, as well as a Reader application for the iPad. You publish documents and then people will be able to load them onto their iPad and display them using the Reader app (which Adobe will distribute for free.)
Terry White's Tech Blog: Adobe Launches it's Digital Publishing Suite: InDesign CS5 to iPad.

iMovie 11
I've spent a small amount of time playing with iMovie 11, but I probably won't review it because I never used the old version for much more than very quick editing jobs; so I really have no idea what's new or how it's improved! MacWorld has a first look though...
MacWorld: First Look: iMovie '11

iPad Stuff
According to an article at the New York Times, the iPad is the darling of Hollywood. (But be warned: Hollywood is so faddish, by the time you get their to make your pitch, the iPad could be "so yesterday.")
NY Times: Pitching Movies or Filming Shows, Hollywood Is Hooked on iPads
The Teradek Cube let's you stream video over WiFi from an HDMI or HD-SDI source. So hook it up to your Canon 7D, then stream video to your iPad (for $1,600.) Teradek Cube

Tips for Shooting Video
This collection of shooting tips from the Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Classroom in a Book is actually a great collection of tips for anyone.
Peachpit Press: Shooting and Capturing Great Video Assets

Keep the Customer Satisfied
Interesting article about keeping online customers happy; and defusing online complaints. This article particularly focuses on Henry Posner, who works for B & H. I'm a B & H affiliate, so I won't say anything more, but there's some interesting insights:
NY Times Blogs: Seven Steps to managing Your Online Reputation

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