Thursday, October 28, 2010

News from Here & There

The Future of Final Cute Pro
On the latest Terence and Philip Show podcast, much of it's devoted to what Philip Hodgetts thinks Apple should be doing with Final Cut Pro.
The Terence and Philip Show: Episode 12: The future of Final Cut Pro

Want to build a cheap Macintosh?
There's a series of Hackintosh build articles out on the net; this one is oriented towards the video editor. [I'd do it, but I'm so hopeless with fixing anything electrical...]
NoFilmSchool: How to Build a Video Editing Hackintosh That’s Faster than a Mac Pro for Half the Price

Premiere 9 Elements Review
I'd had thoughts of taking a look at Premiere 9 now that it was out on the Mac, but Katherine Boehret at the Wall Street Journal took a look at it and saved me the bother:
I found myself spending more time trying to figure out how to edit videos rather than simply editing. Editing tools are buried in several layers of menus and are poorly named.
and concludes:
Adobe Premiere Elements produces good-looking stuff, even without the extra upgrade cost for a Plus account. But new users should expect to take some time to learn the system and read through directions. If Adobe cleaned up its long, scrolling lists and gave its editing tools more mainstream names, people would feel more comfortable using it.
Wall Street Journal: Video Editing Made Easier

Could Netflix end up owning the entire streaming universe?
Why does it seem like we are constantly worrying; "Will iTunes control all the...? Will Amazon control all the....?" It's a continual problem of computers and the internet; we love/hate monopolies.

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