Monday, June 14, 2010

News from Here & There

iMovie for iPhone 4 only
The Gadget Show reports that iMovie for the iPhone will only work with the new iPhone 4; it won't work with the 3GS. While I'm not surprised that the original iPhone and the iPhone 3G won't be supported - afterall, they don't officially support video capture - it's a surprise that the 3GS will be overlooked too. Evidently it's because the processor in the 3GS isn't powerful enough.
The Gadget Show: iMovie for iPhone: iPhone 4 only

Dealing with lots of video files
Nino Leitner at NinoFilm writes about dealing with all that video footage; particularly of interest for those of us transcoding video to ProRes for editing in Final Cut Pro.
He also looks at RAID drives and other, cheaper, storage options. Save terabytes of storage with your DSLR footage / tips for storage options

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