Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Apple Pre-order Day

Well, I reserved a 32GB black iPhone 4.

I woke up unintentionally early - or maybe unconsciously early - at 6:20am EDT, and tried Apple's site, and after a couple of false starts, an Oops! screen and a frozen screen or two, managed to reserve one. It took about ten minutes, I think. The white model isn't available at the moment, but I was planning on getting the black one anyway.

Others have reported problems connecting - and are still having problems.

I guess the moral of the story is; buy Apple stock. This is going to be another success story for them (either that or their website performance really sucks.)

New Apple Mini
A new Apple Mini was announced today as well, and it adds HDMI support and gets thinner. The Mini is actually a nice little machine, even if it is limited in upgradability. Nice that they have made it easier to upgrade the memory yourself.

With the Mini now having HDMI, in some ways it would make a better AppleTV than the AppleTV. Of course, at a significant price difference!

Apple: Apple Mini

[UPDATE: So at $699 it's $100 more than the previous base model, but you get HDMI, faster graphics card and 320GB drive instead of the 160GB drive that was in the previous base model.

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