Thursday, June 17, 2010

DSLRs vs. RED - Fight! Fight!

With all the hype over DSLR's being used in television and independent features, RED - the previous darling of the indie filmmaker set - isn't feeling the love. Jim Jannard - or RED Leader as he's known - has struck back with the following smackdown on DSLR users in the REDuser forum:
I fully expect the DSLR mfgs to get it right at some point. Make a non-line-skipping 4K camera. At that point, the difference will be RAW 5K and 6K vs. whatever they make. Until then, a line-skipping 1080P camera is just not in the running for a pro camera. Can you make OK images with a line-skipping 1080P camera? Sure. Should you be embarrassed? Yes. We are not in that business.
Ouch! Vincent Laforet and Philip Bloom must be feeling pretty silly right about now. Of course, in their defense, they often say that DSLRs aren't the perfect tool for every project. In a recent post, Laforet even wrote about a project that they specifically went to RED because of concerns about how the Canon DSLR compression would hold up for the project they were doing. He said:
I was really impressed with how well the new sensor handled a pretty incredible range of exposure / latitude - far in excess of what I’m used to working with on digital. I’ve since used the Mysterium-X on two separate videos and keep being surprised at how well it holds highlights and shadows at the same time.

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UPDATE: not surprisingly, it's provoked a lot of comment around the net:
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Vincent Laforet has posted a response as well: HDDSLR VS. RED … Has War Been Declared?

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